Why Diver Should Use Pressure Cooker?

Why Diver Should Use Pressure Cooker?Contrary to popular opinions, pressure cooking results to far healthier foods when compared to other cooking methods. Unhealthy feeding lifestyles where most people opt for junk foods is the primary cause of nutrition-related conditions like obesity. Pressure cooking hastens to cook by trapping steam in a sealed pot to build up the pressure. Higher pressure raises the water boiling point resulting to a shorter cooking time. It also forces the liquid molecules to penetrate the foods better rendering tough foods tender and tasty. Pressure cookers are much safer nowadays since they come with inbuilt safety mechanisms as you can see here.

One is tempted to think that pressure cooking is a little hard on nutrients because of the higher boiling point. These folks fail to recognize that several studies have proved it contrary since it is the time was taken to cook food that determines whether nutrients are destroyed or conserved. A study carried in March 2007 showed that pressure cooking was the best method to conserve ascorbic acid and beta-carotene in spinach and amaranth.

Does It Destroy Nutrients?

In cooking broccoli, it was shown that pressure cooking preserved up to 90% of the vitamin C, steaming 78% while boiling conserved 66%. The time takes to cook food is what affects a number of nutrients destroyed. Grains and legumes contain phytic and lectinic acids which bind to several nutrients and minerals making them unavailable for absorption. A previous showed that boiling overnight soaked peas reduces phytic acid by 29% while pressure cooking the same reduces it by 54%. Reduced phytic and lectinic acid promote the availability of important nutrients and minerals for absorption.

The Fermentation Process

Pressure cooking method compares very well with fermentation process in reducing lectins in cereals promoting their digestibility. Tough cereals and meat cuts are thoroughly softened by pressure cooking with better flavor release. This makes the food not only healthier bur also tastier. Eating healthy foods promotes total health status. One has no longer to eat unhealthy foods anymore. Use of pressure cooker helps to preserve essential vitamins in vegetables; it renders proteins more digestible and also ensures that the carbohydrates are more available by reducing the binding compounds like phytic and lectin. It also releases mineral better when preparing soups and broths.

Why Diver Should Use Pressure Cooker?

Saves the Time

Preparation of the healthy food takes a shorter time when compared to other traditional cooking methods. Widespread use of pressure cookers has made it easier to prepare a balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet and avoiding junk food is the key to regaining and maintain your shape. Healthy diets do not have to be tasteless, pressure cooking results to better caramelization to release strong flavors from the cooked food. A little seasoning will make the meals very appetizing. It will also allow you to cook fresh whole meals like preparing dry beans, peas, rice and other grains. You will need to perfectly time the cooking of vegetables since a little delay will read to overcooking.

Bottom Line

A medium-sized pressure cooker is the best bet for a small family. It will greatly assist in ensuring each person gets a good start by getting health foods. This starts a culture to be choosing the right foods which helps keep one in shape. One will easily manage to resist the urge of junk food when one remembers that it will only take a short while to prepare much healthier food. Buy a pressure cooker to help you stay in shape