Hard Water Issue: No Longer At MTF Diving Resort

Hard Water IssueMTF diving resort is located at the tropical island of Koh Phang in Thailand. This island is home to some of the most spectacular diving sites in Asia. The resort also has open water polls where aspiring divers can hone their skills before launching out to the local dive sites. These controlled water pools are safe and the water is of high quality with regulated hardness and alkalinity.

Hard water has a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium (learn more about hard water here and you can read about water softeners here.). This poses a number of challenges to recreational divers. Salty water increases the buoyancy of objects. Divers always realize that it is not only hard to sink, but they also have to contend with buoyancy effect while underwater. Hard water also forms a crust on diving objects due to deposition of as calcium compounds. Very soft water leads to oxidation of diving equipment and thus corrosion.

Acceptable Levels

At MTF resort open pool for scuba diving training, the water hardness is frequently assessed and corrected by use of hardness reducers. Pool technicians test the water hardness to ensure that it remains within the acceptable levels of 200-400ppm. They correct the water hardness by partially draining the pools and adding soft water. At other times, they make use of commercial hardeners which are premixed and broadcast on the pools as the water pumps mix the water.

Confirmation of the hardness levels is done after a week. The pools are completely drained annually and filled with commercially prepared water with the correct hardness levels.

Ingenious Ways of Tackling

At MTF diving resort, we will not confine you to the training pools. You will get a chance to explore the diverse local dive scenes. Some have soft water while others have hard water. The hard water problems are no longer a problem since we have devised ingenious ways of tackling and overcoming them. We provide graduated weights for each diver to wear when our excursions take us to the hard water sites. This helps to hasten descent as well as counteract the buoyancy effect while underwater so that a diver gets the ease of movement. The diving equipment receives a thorough cleaning and maintenance to ensure that no corrosion or crust formation occurs.

Hard Water Issue no longer with divers at MTF diving resort

If water hardness affects your skin, you will get custom designed dive suits that will minimize skin contact with hard water during a dive. You can also be assured of getting assorted skin creams and water screens to apply on the skin before and after a dive in the hard water of the local dive sites.

PADI Instructors

We also provide hands-on dive education for divers and multiple courses that broadly cover the topic on water hardness and diving. Our PADI instructors will ensure that you get important live skills on how to counter the effects of water hardness and care of equipment. The MTF diving resort offers the best packages whether for recreation diving or scuba diving training. You will be in the hands of instructors and dive masters with unrivaled knowledge of the local dive sites. Extensive measures have been undertaken to ensure that hard water problems are no longer a challenge at the resort.

Why Diver Should Use Pressure Cooker?

Why Diver Should Use Pressure Cooker?Contrary to popular opinions, pressure cooking results to far healthier foods when compared to other cooking methods. Unhealthy feeding lifestyles where most people opt for junk foods is the primary cause of nutrition-related conditions like obesity. Pressure cooking hastens to cook by trapping steam in a sealed pot to build up the pressure. Higher pressure raises the water boiling point resulting to a shorter cooking time. It also forces the liquid molecules to penetrate the foods better rendering tough foods tender and tasty. Pressure cookers are much safer nowadays since they come with inbuilt safety mechanisms as you can see here.

One is tempted to think that pressure cooking is a little hard on nutrients because of the higher boiling point. These folks fail to recognize that several studies have proved it contrary since it is the time was taken to cook food that determines whether nutrients are destroyed or conserved. A study carried in March 2007 showed that pressure cooking was the best method to conserve ascorbic acid and beta-carotene in spinach and amaranth.

Does It Destroy Nutrients?

In cooking broccoli, it was shown that pressure cooking preserved up to 90% of the vitamin C, steaming 78% while boiling conserved 66%. The time takes to cook food is what affects a number of nutrients destroyed. Grains and legumes contain phytic and lectinic acids which bind to several nutrients and minerals making them unavailable for absorption. A previous showed that boiling overnight soaked peas reduces phytic acid by 29% while pressure cooking the same reduces it by 54%. Reduced phytic and lectinic acid promote the availability of important nutrients and minerals for absorption.

The Fermentation Process

Pressure cooking method compares very well with fermentation process in reducing lectins in cereals promoting their digestibility. Tough cereals and meat cuts are thoroughly softened by pressure cooking with better flavor release. This makes the food not only healthier bur also tastier. Eating healthy foods promotes total health status. One has no longer to eat unhealthy foods anymore. Use of pressure cooker helps to preserve essential vitamins in vegetables; it renders proteins more digestible and also ensures that the carbohydrates are more available by reducing the binding compounds like phytic and lectin. It also releases mineral better when preparing soups and broths.

Why Diver Should Use Pressure Cooker?

Saves the Time

Preparation of the healthy food takes a shorter time when compared to other traditional cooking methods. Widespread use of pressure cookers has made it easier to prepare a balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet and avoiding junk food is the key to regaining and maintain your shape. Healthy diets do not have to be tasteless, pressure cooking results to better caramelization to release strong flavors from the cooked food. A little seasoning will make the meals very appetizing. It will also allow you to cook fresh whole meals like preparing dry beans, peas, rice and other grains. You will need to perfectly time the cooking of vegetables since a little delay will read to overcooking.

Bottom Line

A medium-sized pressure cooker is the best bet for a small family. It will greatly assist in ensuring each person gets a good start by getting health foods. This starts a culture to be choosing the right foods which helps keep one in shape. One will easily manage to resist the urge of junk food when one remembers that it will only take a short while to prepare much healthier food. Buy a pressure cooker to help you stay in shape

New Memory Foam Mattress In Our Local Hotel

New Memory Foam Mattress In Our Local HotelWe all got a little surprise when we checked in our rooms in the local hotel. The hotel had replaced all mattresses with new memory form mattresses. The new memory foam mattress is manufactured through a unique technology developed by NASA in late 1960 using polyurethane materials infused with gas and chemicals to boost viscosity and density. The visco-elastic materials make the mattress reactive to heat and pressure. It is able to soften and assume the shape of the body but later regain it shape after the pressure is removed. This mattress comes with several health benefits some of which are listed below and can be read about here in the best memory foam mattress reviews top 10 list right here.

Pressure Spots Relief;

When one sleeps, the muscles relax and the weight of the body is concentrated on the pressure points. If a person is immobile or “sleeps like a log”, this pressure affects the skin leading to pain, soreness and breaks in skin integrity. The memory foam mattress adjusts itself while reacting to body heat and pressure. It evenly spreads the body weight relieving pressure from the pressure points. It is a fact that its widespread use for immobilized patients greatly reduced cases of pressure sores.

Pain Relief;

One will realize that soon after lying on the memory foam mattress, it accords one a close fit as it molds itself according to the body shape. This helps to align the spine and other joints as one sleep. This alignment will eventually result to relieve pains associated with mal-alignment. It also prevents discomforts that arise from wrong sleep postures like painful necks, body aches and soreness. The tough and firm material ensures that the memory foam regains its shape after pressure removal. It doesn’t lose it shape or sag with time hence on can sleep assured that the posture is nor altered.

New Memory Foam Mattress In Our Local Hotel

Allergies Reduction;

The new memory foam mattress is compact and this greatly reduces the collection of allergy causing dust and mites. This is an important feature that reduces allergens build up. Other types of foam mattress are known to collect allergens to very high concentrations.

Improved Sleep Patterns;

The close body fit allows the nervous system to relax. Most customers who switch to memory foam mattress always report having better sleep. Although sleep is subjective and difficult to quantify, it is safe to conclude that they are able to relax better. It helps to avoid the many health problems associated with sleep deprivation.

Other features of the memory foam mattress that contribute to sound sleep are temperature conservation for warm sleep, motion transfer resistance that absorbs shocks reducing disruptions from the partner who toss in bed and finally luxurious feel that cuddles the skin to encourage sleep and you can go to the authentic sites where you can read reviews and learn more about the various features of memory foam.

Skin Blood Circulation;

Individuals affected by circulation problems benefit from the warm temperature resulting from the memory foam close body fit. This maintains the skin promoting it repair and healing. The elderly stands to benefit greatly since they carry the bulk of circulation problems.

It was a wise idea, whether by design or by default that the local hotel settled for memory foam mattresses. Customers are assured of a comfortable warm night sleep that is relaxing and coupled with many health benefits. This made our night at the local hotel memorable.

Shower Head Review: High Pressure Shower Head


High-pressure shower head is a specifically designed to increase the pressure of shower water for the same water flow when compared to ordinary shower heads. This can be achieved in two designs. One design seeks to concentrate the shower water spray over a small area through adjustable settings. The other design utilizes a pressure chamber to add air to shower water then forcing it out at a high pressure. This means that one expect to see a notable change in spray pressure by just changing the shower heads.

Most Considerable Features

Most high-pressure heads are narrowed. This helps to increase the spray pressure by condensing the shower water on a small area. These narrowed heads may have adjustable settings which allow one to set the strength of the spray by closing most holes leaving the water to exit in fewer holes. Others have pressure chambers designed to pre-mix water with air before forcing it out under pressure.

High Pressure Shower Head

Always ensure that this feature is incorporated before purchasing. It is important to note that there is a government regulation requiring all shower heads to have restrictors to limit water flow to not more than 2.5 gallons per minute for water conservation. If your shower head is set below this standard, it can be reset to improve spray pressure. Removing it all together will greatly improve the shower pressure but we will have one more law breaker in the country. Some nozzles may have filters that require frequent cleaning for quality sprays.

There are several advantages that one stands to gain by switching to a high pressure shower head. It is first very refreshing, relaxing and satisfying to get a pressurized hot shower after a hard day’s work. It massages the skin and soothes sore muscles. It gives a thorough and quicker rinse leaving the skin less sticky or slimy. One gets that psychological satisfying pleasure from high pressure shower.

The Most Annoying Experience

When shower water suddenly drHigh Pressure Shower Headops mid a morning shower due to low pressure. To avoid such ugly incidences, make a point of acquiring a high pressure shower head since it provides a constant shower water release. It also saves and conserves water because it only increases pressure for the same water flow not releasing more water per minute. You can read about the best shower heads over the web. One is assured of a pleasurable, quick and quality wash without increasing the water bills. The designs are much stronger to withstand the generated pressure hence these types are much more durable.


Competitive Pricing

High pressure shower heads may have slightly higher prices than the ordinary shower heads. Replacement will only solve problems arising from low-pressure shower heads. Their result will be seen only if the low water pressure problems are not related to water supply company issues or a faulty bathroom plumbing. If the low-pressure problem lies with the supplying company, one may decide to buy a water pressure booster.

Bottom Line

You no longer have to contend with low shower water pressure anymore. This can easily be solved by investing in a tried and tested model known to provide best results. You can bypass the cost of replacement by doing it yourself. You will find the best high pressure shower heads in the local convenience store.

3 Reasons for Divers to Start Training on The Elliptical

It is absolutely important for divers to be in their best physical fitness state before venturing out for diving exercise. There are various benefits that a diver stands to gain by starting to train on an elliptical. When training on the elliptical, the demands placed on the body mimics those encountered in a dive. It is, therefore, imperative that aspiring divers should make elliptical their buddies.

Promoting Cardiovascular Workout And Endurance

3 Reasons for Divers to Start Training on The Elliptical 1
Before reading out the benefits of the elliptical workout, you must have a look at the best elliptical complete guide on ellipticalratings.net. One outstanding benefit of training on the elliptical is that it boosts cardiovascular workout and increases endurance. It arises from the elliptical involvement of lower and higher body while training. Each muscle receives some impact where there energy demands increase. The cardiovascular system is then taxed to supply the necessary nutrients and oxygen. When divers frequently exercise on the elliptical, they have a smoother time training to increase the underwater duration. Improved cardiovascular performance is a real asset for all aspiring divers.

It Helps In Strengthening Muscles

Training on the elliptical strengthens various muscle blocks in the lower and higher body and limbs. It involves the abdominal and back muscles as well as gluteus and muscles of fore and hind limbs. This is achieved by adopting a straight posture and also involving the arms to pull and push the levers. The elliptical has options of increasing resistance necessary to build the muscle tone. Divers need to build strength since they will always be carrying their pressurized air tanks during the diving expedition.

Strong muscles are also not easily fatigued and thus a diver is able to propel easily underwater without exhaustion. Other benefits include a range of motion joint exercises without unnecessary strains on the joints. Intensification of training by the fifth day helps to stretch the muscles a little more thus building their tone. Divers who train on the elliptical experience fewer problems of muscle cramps, muscle soreness, and fatigue after a dive. They are well conditioned for breath up preparations before diving which helps to increase the underwater time and distance. Strong trained muscles provide longer endurance.

3 Reasons for Divers to Start Training on The Elliptical 1

Physical Fitness Directly Improves Diving Experience

All the physical fitness acquired in elliptical training directly improves the diving experience. As one trains on the elliptical, the respiratory system prompted for deep breaths for compensation. Divers experience little struggle to master the slow but deep breathing rhythm necessary to conserve air while underwater. Physical fitness and increased stamina built through elliptical training help a diver to easily propel oneself in the water even against opposing currents. The water embrace that divers experience provides a natural resistance to movements since water is over a hundred times denser than air.

Those who have previously trained on the elliptical are not bothered since the body has been conditioned to face resistance. During diving rest days, elliptical training provides a means to maintain cardiovascularly and strength skills. The body responds well to a constant routine of training and thus if it is on a rainy day, one does not need to go diving in a storm. Exercising on the elliptical will help to augment the skills gained. One who trains frequently on the elliptical will master the basics of diving faster.

How to Improve Diving Skills In 3 Easy Steps?


Divers have the luxury of enjoying a different part of the environment that non-divers cannot access. People do diving for several reasons, but the common factor is recreation. Professional divers many dives every year without incurring incidents or injuries. Having the right diving skills will not only set you apart from other divers but will also improve your safety. Here we talk about how to improve diving skills in 3 easy steps. This will help the new diver to learn useful tips to prevent injuries or mishaps.

Pick the Right Kick

Just like other physical activities such as running, learning how to kick will determine how you propel yourself underwater. Choosing the right kick for the circumstances and the environment will guarantee you efficiency, consumption of less air and overall less fatigue. Use flutter kicking when you need a short burst of speed or when you are fighting against a current. It should not be applied under normal circumstances since it can lead to too much strain.

How to Improve Diving Skills In 3 Easy Steps

Apply frog kicking when you have achieved buoyancy control. This is because it utilizes all the leg muscles. It will move you through water easily, but it should not be used near coral reefs to minimize foot injuries. The knee bent is another kicking technique. It offers limited propulsion and at the same time minimizes the potential of disturbing bottom sediments. It is an excellent technique of steering you through salty or confined spaces.

Proper Arms Positioning

New divers always find themselves wondering what to do with their arms while diving. Some just let them hang loosely while others use them to aid in swimming. Putting your arms at the sides leaves your body streamline and thus promotes smoother swimming. Putting arms in front of your chest while folded promotes balance and reduces drag. Folding arms in front of the lower body helps you to carry things more comfortably when you are diving. Where you place, your arms will ultimately depend on how comfortable you feel while underwater. The most important thing to understand is that some positions bring more drag than others do. Excessive movement will also lead to usage of more energy, which might not be necessary.

How to Improve Diving Skills In 3 Easy Steps

Master How to Equalize?

Equalizing ensures that your ears remain clear which is essential for maintaining balance. While learning how to equalize, it is good to ensure that your breathing is slow and uniform. This ensures that the muscles around your Eustachian tubes are relaxed which will make equalizing easier.

The second thing to follow is to maintain equalizing after every feet from the moment you start descending until you hit the bottom. If you find it hard to equalize, you should ascend some few metres to relieve some pressure. If you find it hard to equalize after several attempts, you should abandon the dive for your own safety. While diving, always ensure that your ears are not covered with anything tight. This will ensure the right movement of air, which promotes balance and helps you to equalize.


Diving is a skill that requires a lot of practice. However, equalizing, proper arms positioning and kicking are great tips on how to improve diving skills in 3 easy steps.

Can Diving Improve Your Fitness? 6 Points

Diving is one of the most popular recreation activities. It involves exploring the underwater world. Typically, one carries a cylinder of compressed air that allows the diver to star under the water for some time. However, diving requires certification, which takes a few days to get.

Can Diving Improve Your Fitness?

Yes, diving is very significant in helping you improve your fitness. There are several reasons why this is so. To start with, maneuvering through a medium which is far more dense than air allows you to target specific muscle groups, says Thomas Kaplan, the director of communications, Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Such muscle groups include core, glutes, back, and leg.diver fitness

Second, in order to move efficiently through the water, you must take an effort in streamlining the body. In fact, some exercise enthusiasts have compared the impact of diving to the impact of many weight lifting exercises. Similarly, before diving, it is important to do a good warm up exercise. This is because it boosts blood circulation and helps in the lubrication of joints. The following things are advisable when it comes to a warm up before diving: walking, a number of simple squats, and several push-ups against the wall.

Third, divers know too well that they have to keep fit in order to overcome the prevailing conditions under the water. For example, one may not know when the weather is going to change, sometimes abruptly. It is also not uncommon for one to encounter strong currents in the process of diving. Such challenges require ample preparation and advanced fitness techniques. In other words, circumstances force a diver to take fitness seriously. Failure to do say may have far reaching implications on the diver.

Fourth, cardiovascular exercise which is done to improve one’s diving ability is very essential in improving one’s breathing ability. Divers are overly aware of cutting down air supple, and decompressing illnesses that come with that. Cardiovascular exercise has several advantages including prevention of heart diseases.

Fifth, diving entails handling of diving equipment and swimming gear. Cameron Martz, a veteran cave diver and a certified health and fitness instructor, states that improving your general fitness translates to a better swimming ability, more efficiency in handling the diving gear, and protection from health problems such as lung problems.diver 2

Lastly, diving helps one to realize fitness objectives without having the feeling of a typical work out. Traditional fitness regimes lead to a lot of sweating and constant use of energy. On the contrary, diving lays a strong emphasis on buoyancy and weightlessness when under water.


Diving is a low impact sport. It offers a very ideal fitness alternative to other exercise activities such as biking and running. It should be noted that eating healthy plays a significant role in determining the outcome of a workout. And diving is not an exception. A well-balanced diet is going to help you reduce fatigue, control body weight, and maintain high energy levels. Similarly, dehydration can lead to mineral imbalance, fatigue, and muscle problems. In this regard, diving that will lead to general fitness will require drinking a lot of water. However, it should be noted that there are several conditions that may limit someone when it comes to diving. Such conditions may be acute or chronic. Overall, diving is more fun and more safe when you are fit.

Diving and a Healthy Lifestyle: Sleeping and Eating Right


Nutrition and sleeping are a very important component of any exercise. A successful diving leisure activity or undertaking is heavily influenced by the type of diet that you take. In this light, divers ought to lay concrete measures in order to have a healthy sleeping and eating lifestyle.

Diving and Eating Right

David Geier, an orthopedic surgeon, and medical specialist state that the body of a diver requires far more calories than the person who is doing average exercise. All the same, diving is a moderate exercise activity. For such an activity that does not lead to a lot of fatigues, the following dietary component is recommended as a source of your calories:

  • carbohydrates
  • 40 % -fat- 30 %
  • protein- 30 %

The significance of carbohydrates is that they provide your body with energy and provide fuel to your muscles. A carbohydrate diet of a diver includes whole grain diets. These include whole wheat bread, beans, potatoes, and whole wheat pasta. Proteins play a significant role in building and repairing of muscles. Meat is an ideal source of proteins. Divers are advised to eat the following food as a source of proteins: lean red meat, fish, and chicken. A vegetarian can get sufficient proteins from the following: leafy green veggies, nuts, and eggs.

diver should eat healthy

Similarly, healthy fat is needed for the proper functioning of the body. It is important that you do not consume saturated fats such as milk chocolate and potato chips. On the contrary, you should consume unsaturated fat such as lean meat, eggs, vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts.

One should avoid fitness solutions that are not backed by empirical investigation and findings. In connection to this, one should avoid products that have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For example, there is no scientific conclusion that oxygenated water improves aerobic performance.

Diving and Sleeping Right

Lack of sleep can lead to a situation where the cognitive performance is impaired. In addition to that, it leads to a disturbance on glucose metabolism. Sleep deprivation has been proven to decrease insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. This takes place even during a period of mild deprivation. Similarly, lack of enough sleep has negative impacts on physical performance. It can lead to slow recovery when injured and this can disrupt your diving routine. It can also lead to the following:

  • Decreased accuracy
  • Decrease in the average time to exhaustion
  • Decrease in alertness

Sleep is important because that is the time that the body releases growth hormones which are important for metabolism and energy storage. When one sleeps less, the body does not have time to repair and consolidate memory. Researchers recommend that divers should have a minimum of eight hours of sleep in order to avoid neurobehavioral deficits.

sleeping right

The following are tips which can help a diver get better sleep:

  • Having a regular schedule
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol
  • Shying away from sleep meditation
  • Making adjustments to new sleeping schedule or a new time zone
  • Avoid having a computer or TV in bed


The importance of eating right and sleeping right cannot be underestimated when it comes to realizing diving goals. Being successful in diving does not require you to be very strict on your guidelines. On the contrary, it just requires you reduce your exposure to the sun, sleeping enough, eating a healthy diet, and taking enough water. If need be, seek the counsel of a physician who will advise you on the best diet and portion for you.