Hard Water Issue: No Longer At MTF Diving Resort

Hard Water IssueMTF diving resort is located at the tropical island of Koh Phang in Thailand. This island is home to some of the most spectacular diving sites in Asia. The resort also has open water polls where aspiring divers can hone their skills before launching out to the local dive sites. These controlled water pools are safe and the water is of high quality with regulated hardness and alkalinity.

Hard water has a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium (learn more about hard water here and you can read about water softeners here.). This poses a number of challenges to recreational divers. Salty water increases the buoyancy of objects. Divers always realize that it is not only hard to sink, but they also have to contend with buoyancy effect while underwater. Hard water also forms a crust on diving objects due to deposition of as calcium compounds. Very soft water leads to oxidation of diving equipment and thus corrosion.

Acceptable Levels

At MTF resort open pool for scuba diving training, the water hardness is frequently assessed and corrected by use of hardness reducers. Pool technicians test the water hardness to ensure that it remains within the acceptable levels of 200-400ppm. They correct the water hardness by partially draining the pools and adding soft water. At other times, they make use of commercial hardeners which are premixed and broadcast on the pools as the water pumps mix the water.

Confirmation of the hardness levels is done after a week. The pools are completely drained annually and filled with commercially prepared water with the correct hardness levels.

Ingenious Ways of Tackling

At MTF diving resort, we will not confine you to the training pools. You will get a chance to explore the diverse local dive scenes. Some have soft water while others have hard water. The hard water problems are no longer a problem since we have devised ingenious ways of tackling and overcoming them. We provide graduated weights for each diver to wear when our excursions take us to the hard water sites. This helps to hasten descent as well as counteract the buoyancy effect while underwater so that a diver gets the ease of movement. The diving equipment receives a thorough cleaning and maintenance to ensure that no corrosion or crust formation occurs.

Hard Water Issue no longer with divers at MTF diving resort

If water hardness affects your skin, you will get custom designed dive suits that will minimize skin contact with hard water during a dive. You can also be assured of getting assorted skin creams and water screens to apply on the skin before and after a dive in the hard water of the local dive sites.

PADI Instructors

We also provide hands-on dive education for divers and multiple courses that broadly cover the topic on water hardness and diving. Our PADI instructors will ensure that you get important live skills on how to counter the effects of water hardness and care of equipment. The MTF diving resort offers the best packages whether for recreation diving or scuba diving training. You will be in the hands of instructors and dive masters with unrivaled knowledge of the local dive sites. Extensive measures have been undertaken to ensure that hard water problems are no longer a challenge at the resort.

Why Diver Should Use Pressure Cooker?

Why Diver Should Use Pressure Cooker?Contrary to popular opinions, pressure cooking results to far healthier foods when compared to other cooking methods. Unhealthy feeding lifestyles where most people opt for junk foods is the primary cause of nutrition-related conditions like obesity. Pressure cooking hastens to cook by trapping steam in a sealed pot to build up the pressure. Higher pressure raises the water boiling point resulting to a shorter cooking time. It also forces the liquid molecules to penetrate the foods better rendering tough foods tender and tasty. Pressure cookers are much safer nowadays since they come with inbuilt safety mechanisms as you can see here.

One is tempted to think that pressure cooking is a little hard on nutrients because of the higher boiling point. These folks fail to recognize that several studies have proved it contrary since it is the time was taken to cook food that determines whether nutrients are destroyed or conserved. A study carried in March 2007 showed that pressure cooking was the best method to conserve ascorbic acid and beta-carotene in spinach and amaranth.

Does It Destroy Nutrients?

In cooking broccoli, it was shown that pressure cooking preserved up to 90% of the vitamin C, steaming 78% while boiling conserved 66%. The time takes to cook food is what affects a number of nutrients destroyed. Grains and legumes contain phytic and lectinic acids which bind to several nutrients and minerals making them unavailable for absorption. A previous showed that boiling overnight soaked peas reduces phytic acid by 29% while pressure cooking the same reduces it by 54%. Reduced phytic and lectinic acid promote the availability of important nutrients and minerals for absorption.

The Fermentation Process

Pressure cooking method compares very well with fermentation process in reducing lectins in cereals promoting their digestibility. Tough cereals and meat cuts are thoroughly softened by pressure cooking with better flavor release. This makes the food not only healthier bur also tastier. Eating healthy foods promotes total health status. One has no longer to eat unhealthy foods anymore. Use of pressure cooker helps to preserve essential vitamins in vegetables; it renders proteins more digestible and also ensures that the carbohydrates are more available by reducing the binding compounds like phytic and lectin. It also releases mineral better when preparing soups and broths.

Why Diver Should Use Pressure Cooker?

Saves the Time

Preparation of the healthy food takes a shorter time when compared to other traditional cooking methods. Widespread use of pressure cookers has made it easier to prepare a balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet and avoiding junk food is the key to regaining and maintain your shape. Healthy diets do not have to be tasteless, pressure cooking results to better caramelization to release strong flavors from the cooked food. A little seasoning will make the meals very appetizing. It will also allow you to cook fresh whole meals like preparing dry beans, peas, rice and other grains. You will need to perfectly time the cooking of vegetables since a little delay will read to overcooking.

Bottom Line

A medium-sized pressure cooker is the best bet for a small family. It will greatly assist in ensuring each person gets a good start by getting health foods. This starts a culture to be choosing the right foods which helps keep one in shape. One will easily manage to resist the urge of junk food when one remembers that it will only take a short while to prepare much healthier food. Buy a pressure cooker to help you stay in shape

New Memory Foam Mattress In Our Local Hotel

New Memory Foam Mattress In Our Local HotelWe all got a little surprise when we checked in our rooms in the local hotel. The hotel had replaced all mattresses with new memory form mattresses. The new memory foam mattress is manufactured through a unique technology developed by NASA in late 1960 using polyurethane materials infused with gas and chemicals to boost viscosity and density. The visco-elastic materials make the mattress reactive to heat and pressure. It is able to soften and assume the shape of the body but later regain it shape after the pressure is removed. This mattress comes with several health benefits some of which are listed below and can be read about here in the best memory foam mattress reviews top 10 list right here.

Pressure Spots Relief;

When one sleeps, the muscles relax and the weight of the body is concentrated on the pressure points. If a person is immobile or “sleeps like a log”, this pressure affects the skin leading to pain, soreness and breaks in skin integrity. The memory foam mattress adjusts itself while reacting to body heat and pressure. It evenly spreads the body weight relieving pressure from the pressure points. It is a fact that its widespread use for immobilized patients greatly reduced cases of pressure sores.

Pain Relief;

One will realize that soon after lying on the memory foam mattress, it accords one a close fit as it molds itself according to the body shape. This helps to align the spine and other joints as one sleep. This alignment will eventually result to relieve pains associated with mal-alignment. It also prevents discomforts that arise from wrong sleep postures like painful necks, body aches and soreness. The tough and firm material ensures that the memory foam regains its shape after pressure removal. It doesn’t lose it shape or sag with time hence on can sleep assured that the posture is nor altered.

New Memory Foam Mattress In Our Local Hotel

Allergies Reduction;

The new memory foam mattress is compact and this greatly reduces the collection of allergy causing dust and mites. This is an important feature that reduces allergens build up. Other types of foam mattress are known to collect allergens to very high concentrations.

Improved Sleep Patterns;

The close body fit allows the nervous system to relax. Most customers who switch to memory foam mattress always report having better sleep. Although sleep is subjective and difficult to quantify, it is safe to conclude that they are able to relax better. It helps to avoid the many health problems associated with sleep deprivation.

Other features of the memory foam mattress that contribute to sound sleep are temperature conservation for warm sleep, motion transfer resistance that absorbs shocks reducing disruptions from the partner who toss in bed and finally luxurious feel that cuddles the skin to encourage sleep and you can go to the authentic sites where you can read reviews and learn more about the various features of memory foam.

Skin Blood Circulation;

Individuals affected by circulation problems benefit from the warm temperature resulting from the memory foam close body fit. This maintains the skin promoting it repair and healing. The elderly stands to benefit greatly since they carry the bulk of circulation problems.

It was a wise idea, whether by design or by default that the local hotel settled for memory foam mattresses. Customers are assured of a comfortable warm night sleep that is relaxing and coupled with many health benefits. This made our night at the local hotel memorable.

What Are The Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Women?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that results from the inflammation of the plantar fascia which is a tenacious tissue that runs along the length of the sole from the heel to the toes. It frequently plagues runners due to the heavy landing that puts extra demands for support. This condition is always made worse by using the wrong running shoes. It easily occurs in the individuals that have flat feet, those who have high arches and the over–pronators.

Best Shoes Should Included Following Features;

The best running shoes for women are manufactured with specific features to prevent or assist in recovery from the condition. They have a high support for the heel (see more about that here). A well-supported heel is firm and relays pressure to the sole of the shoe. They have a wider base for stability which ensures that the arch is well supported preventing collapse. These shoes have strong soles and pads that act as shock absorbers while running. This helps to lessen the impact on the heel and fascia thus reducing injury.

diver Plantar fasciitis shoes

The best running shoes have little or no drop between the heel and the toes for midsole support. This is designed for excellent support and stability allowing a smooth transition of pressure to the ground. The material used to make these shoes must be tough and strong and at the same time it needs to be light and firm. This helps to achieve comfort, durability, flexibility and shock absorbency. Orthotics inserts in the shoes are used in the cases where plantar fasciitis results from flat feet. These special inner soles insertions provide the shape and necessary cushion effect from the impact of running.

Best Shoes for Breathing and Toes Maneuvers

The best running shoes for women are light and have a roomy shoebox area. This allows breathing and toes maneuvers. Juggling between a light weight and firmness and durability is a thin balancing act that calls for light but tough materials. Most women prefer lighter running shoes. The quality cannot be compromised hence all efforts are put to ensure flexibility and strength as well. These shoes have a crash pad that utilizes wave plate technology to ensure firmness and durability. It helps to cushion from impact by absorbing the associated shock.
diver Plantar fasciitis

Since the causes of plantar fasciitis are diverse, there is no one shoe treat all causes. There is the best shoe running shoe for each cause of the condition. It will, therefore, be necessary to talk to your doctor for treatment and advise on which type of shoe will bring the desired results. Such a shoe must be comfortable and able to control feet motion. It must also support the arch as it provides cushioning.

What Do Doctors Say?

Doctors always advise the affected person to be in shoes throughout unless when sleeping or o taking a shower. It will be advisable to have complementary shoes at home and orthotic heel sandals to change into after removing running shoes. Some women have a tendency to always remove the stiff insoles, but this should always discourage since it can reverse the benefits gained by use of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis for women.

Best Air Compressor Is Essential for Every Diver

Compressors are powered air concentrating tool also referred to as pneumatic tools. The best air compressors for home use are the portable types. These are useful in a number of activities including but not limited to nailing of surfaces, stapling two boards, drilling holes, tire inflation and blow cleaning. The compressor does a quicker thorough job when compared to traditional tools and equipment. Compressors can either be electric or gasoline powered.

Features About Air Compressor

There are some specific features that one needs to consider when deciding on a compressor for home use. Portability is always key and the most influential factor. Compressors come in many shapes, sizes and total machine weight. The light ones can be lifted and be moved around with while heavier one has a small wheel for pushing it around. You will also need to take a keen look on its performance ratings which are calibrated in terms of SCFM standard cubic feet per minute). Each tool used together with a compressor has specific SFCM requirements. The pressure in the compressor’s air tank determines the pound per square inch (PSI). Larger tools may require about 10SCFM while smaller one needs 5 SCFM and below You can learn more about air compressor at www.aircompressortalk.com.

best air comopressor

Gasoline Powered Compressor

A potential buyer must always consider the power source. Gasoline powered compressors pose fewer challenges since one can move them without considering the distance while movement of electric compressors is restricted by the size of the power cable. Longer power cables result to a drop in voltage. High voltage is necessary to start the compressors. The tank capacity determines various aspects of tools usage. Tool requiring a short burst of compressed air depletes the tanks quicker while a tool requiring a continuous supply of air needs a bigger tank. Compressors have different types of pump or pistons. There is a single and double piston compressor.

A Single Piston Compressor

A single piston compressor may have one or more cylinders while the double piston has two or more. It decompressed the compressed air of the first tank storing it to the second tank. Some compressors are oil lubricated need oil for continued operation. They are heavier and require close monitoring and changing of the oil when necessary. The electric powered air compressor is less noisy and produces no fumes. This type is ideal for indoor work.

Faster Mode

Homes that has adopted the use of air compressor realizes faster and more convenient mode of carrying out several chores. The compressors are easy to operate and maintain. There always raise concerns about the size and price. The main deciding factor before buying a particular model should be the type of intended work. Compressors intended for light work are much cheaper than those for heavy duty work. Ensure that your gadget has a working cooling fan system which coupled with thorough maintenance to helps increase the compressors life span.

best air comopressor for diver

Bottom Line

Finally, compressors are made with the highest level of safety standards and maintenance. The use of heavy duty gloves when operating while the operation is ongoing, use of the predefined pressure, lubrication and fixing the right voltage helps to keep instances of accidents minimal. Air compressor for household use is the way to go. The cost of a compressor though a little intimidating cannot be compared with the convenience and chores simplification that they bring.