Best Air Compressor Is Essential for Every Diver

Compressors are powered air concentrating tool also referred to as pneumatic tools. The best air compressors for home use are the portable types. These are useful in a number of activities including but not limited to nailing of surfaces, stapling two boards, drilling holes, tire inflation and blow cleaning. The compressor does a quicker thorough job when compared to traditional tools and equipment. Compressors can either be electric or gasoline powered.

Features About Air Compressor

There are some specific features that one needs to consider when deciding on a compressor for home use. Portability is always key and the most influential factor. Compressors come in many shapes, sizes and total machine weight. The light ones can be lifted and be moved around with while heavier one has a small wheel for pushing it around. You will also need to take a keen look on its performance ratings which are calibrated in terms of SCFM standard cubic feet per minute). Each tool used together with a compressor has specific SFCM requirements. The pressure in the compressor’s air tank determines the pound per square inch (PSI). Larger tools may require about 10SCFM while smaller one needs 5 SCFM and below You can learn more about air compressor at

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Gasoline Powered Compressor

A potential buyer must always consider the power source. Gasoline powered compressors pose fewer challenges since one can move them without considering the distance while movement of electric compressors is restricted by the size of the power cable. Longer power cables result to a drop in voltage. High voltage is necessary to start the compressors. The tank capacity determines various aspects of tools usage. Tool requiring a short burst of compressed air depletes the tanks quicker while a tool requiring a continuous supply of air needs a bigger tank. Compressors have different types of pump or pistons. There is a single and double piston compressor.

A Single Piston Compressor

A single piston compressor may have one or more cylinders while the double piston has two or more. It decompressed the compressed air of the first tank storing it to the second tank. Some compressors are oil lubricated need oil for continued operation. They are heavier and require close monitoring and changing of the oil when necessary. The electric powered air compressor is less noisy and produces no fumes. This type is ideal for indoor work.

Faster Mode

Homes that has adopted the use of air compressor realizes faster and more convenient mode of carrying out several chores. The compressors are easy to operate and maintain. There always raise concerns about the size and price. The main deciding factor before buying a particular model should be the type of intended work. Compressors intended for light work are much cheaper than those for heavy duty work. Ensure that your gadget has a working cooling fan system which coupled with thorough maintenance to helps increase the compressors life span.

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Bottom Line

Finally, compressors are made with the highest level of safety standards and maintenance. The use of heavy duty gloves when operating while the operation is ongoing, use of the predefined pressure, lubrication and fixing the right voltage helps to keep instances of accidents minimal. Air compressor for household use is the way to go. The cost of a compressor though a little intimidating cannot be compared with the convenience and chores simplification that they bring.