Shower Head Review: High Pressure Shower Head


High-pressure shower head is a specifically designed to increase the pressure of shower water for the same water flow when compared to ordinary shower heads. This can be achieved in two designs. One design seeks to concentrate the shower water spray over a small area through adjustable settings. The other design utilizes a pressure chamber to add air to shower water then forcing it out at a high pressure. This means that one expect to see a notable change in spray pressure by just changing the shower heads.

Most Considerable Features

Most high-pressure heads are narrowed. This helps to increase the spray pressure by condensing the shower water on a small area. These narrowed heads may have adjustable settings which allow one to set the strength of the spray by closing most holes leaving the water to exit in fewer holes. Others have pressure chambers designed to pre-mix water with air before forcing it out under pressure.

High Pressure Shower Head

Always ensure that this feature is incorporated before purchasing. It is important to note that there is a government regulation requiring all shower heads to have restrictors to limit water flow to not more than 2.5 gallons per minute for water conservation. If your shower head is set below this standard, it can be reset to improve spray pressure. Removing it all together will greatly improve the shower pressure but we will have one more law breaker in the country. Some nozzles may have filters that require frequent cleaning for quality sprays.

There are several advantages that one stands to gain by switching to a high pressure shower head. It is first very refreshing, relaxing and satisfying to get a pressurized hot shower after a hard day’s work. It massages the skin and soothes sore muscles. It gives a thorough and quicker rinse leaving the skin less sticky or slimy. One gets that psychological satisfying pleasure from high pressure shower.

The Most Annoying Experience

When shower water suddenly drHigh Pressure Shower Headops mid a morning shower due to low pressure. To avoid such ugly incidences, make a point of acquiring a high pressure shower head since it provides a constant shower water release. It also saves and conserves water because it only increases pressure for the same water flow not releasing more water per minute. You can read about the best shower heads over the web. One is assured of a pleasurable, quick and quality wash without increasing the water bills. The designs are much stronger to withstand the generated pressure hence these types are much more durable.


Competitive Pricing

High pressure shower heads may have slightly higher prices than the ordinary shower heads. Replacement will only solve problems arising from low-pressure shower heads. Their result will be seen only if the low water pressure problems are not related to water supply company issues or a faulty bathroom plumbing. If the low-pressure problem lies with the supplying company, one may decide to buy a water pressure booster.

Bottom Line

You no longer have to contend with low shower water pressure anymore. This can easily be solved by investing in a tried and tested model known to provide best results. You can bypass the cost of replacement by doing it yourself. You will find the best high pressure shower heads in the local convenience store.