New Memory Foam Mattress In Our Local Hotel

New Memory Foam Mattress In Our Local HotelWe all got a little surprise when we checked in our rooms in the local hotel. The hotel had replaced all mattresses with new memory form mattresses. The new memory foam mattress is manufactured through a unique technology developed by NASA in late 1960 using polyurethane materials infused with gas and chemicals to boost viscosity and density. The visco-elastic materials make the mattress reactive to heat and pressure. It is able to soften and assume the shape of the body but later regain it shape after the pressure is removed. This mattress comes with several health benefits some of which are listed below and can be read about here in the best memory foam mattress reviews top 10 list right here.

Pressure Spots Relief;

When one sleeps, the muscles relax and the weight of the body is concentrated on the pressure points. If a person is immobile or “sleeps like a log”, this pressure affects the skin leading to pain, soreness and breaks in skin integrity. The memory foam mattress adjusts itself while reacting to body heat and pressure. It evenly spreads the body weight relieving pressure from the pressure points. It is a fact that its widespread use for immobilized patients greatly reduced cases of pressure sores.

Pain Relief;

One will realize that soon after lying on the memory foam mattress, it accords one a close fit as it molds itself according to the body shape. This helps to align the spine and other joints as one sleep. This alignment will eventually result to relieve pains associated with mal-alignment. It also prevents discomforts that arise from wrong sleep postures like painful necks, body aches and soreness. The tough and firm material ensures that the memory foam regains its shape after pressure removal. It doesn’t lose it shape or sag with time hence on can sleep assured that the posture is nor altered.

New Memory Foam Mattress In Our Local Hotel

Allergies Reduction;

The new memory foam mattress is compact and this greatly reduces the collection of allergy causing dust and mites. This is an important feature that reduces allergens build up. Other types of foam mattress are known to collect allergens to very high concentrations.

Improved Sleep Patterns;

The close body fit allows the nervous system to relax. Most customers who switch to memory foam mattress always report having better sleep. Although sleep is subjective and difficult to quantify, it is safe to conclude that they are able to relax better. It helps to avoid the many health problems associated with sleep deprivation.

Other features of the memory foam mattress that contribute to sound sleep are temperature conservation for warm sleep, motion transfer resistance that absorbs shocks reducing disruptions from the partner who toss in bed and finally luxurious feel that cuddles the skin to encourage sleep and you can go to the authentic sites where you can read reviews and learn more about the various features of memory foam.

Skin Blood Circulation;

Individuals affected by circulation problems benefit from the warm temperature resulting from the memory foam close body fit. This maintains the skin promoting it repair and healing. The elderly stands to benefit greatly since they carry the bulk of circulation problems.

It was a wise idea, whether by design or by default that the local hotel settled for memory foam mattresses. Customers are assured of a comfortable warm night sleep that is relaxing and coupled with many health benefits. This made our night at the local hotel memorable.