Hard Water Issue: No Longer At MTF Diving Resort

Hard Water IssueMTF diving resort is located at the tropical island of Koh Phang in Thailand. This island is home to some of the most spectacular diving sites in Asia. The resort also has open water polls where aspiring divers can hone their skills before launching out to the local dive sites. These controlled water pools are safe and the water is of high quality with regulated hardness and alkalinity.

Hard water has a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium (learn more about hard water here and you can read about water softeners here.). This poses a number of challenges to recreational divers. Salty water increases the buoyancy of objects. Divers always realize that it is not only hard to sink, but they also have to contend with buoyancy effect while underwater. Hard water also forms a crust on diving objects due to deposition of as calcium compounds. Very soft water leads to oxidation of diving equipment and thus corrosion.

Acceptable Levels

At MTF resort open pool for scuba diving training, the water hardness is frequently assessed and corrected by use of hardness reducers. Pool technicians test the water hardness to ensure that it remains within the acceptable levels of 200-400ppm. They correct the water hardness by partially draining the pools and adding soft water. At other times, they make use of commercial hardeners which are premixed and broadcast on the pools as the water pumps mix the water.

Confirmation of the hardness levels is done after a week. The pools are completely drained annually and filled with commercially prepared water with the correct hardness levels.

Ingenious Ways of Tackling

At MTF diving resort, we will not confine you to the training pools. You will get a chance to explore the diverse local dive scenes. Some have soft water while others have hard water. The hard water problems are no longer a problem since we have devised ingenious ways of tackling and overcoming them. We provide graduated weights for each diver to wear when our excursions take us to the hard water sites. This helps to hasten descent as well as counteract the buoyancy effect while underwater so that a diver gets the ease of movement. The diving equipment receives a thorough cleaning and maintenance to ensure that no corrosion or crust formation occurs.

Hard Water Issue no longer with divers at MTF diving resort

If water hardness affects your skin, you will get custom designed dive suits that will minimize skin contact with hard water during a dive. You can also be assured of getting assorted skin creams and water screens to apply on the skin before and after a dive in the hard water of the local dive sites.

PADI Instructors

We also provide hands-on dive education for divers and multiple courses that broadly cover the topic on water hardness and diving. Our PADI instructors will ensure that you get important live skills on how to counter the effects of water hardness and care of equipment. The MTF diving resort offers the best packages whether for recreation diving or scuba diving training. You will be in the hands of instructors and dive masters with unrivaled knowledge of the local dive sites. Extensive measures have been undertaken to ensure that hard water problems are no longer a challenge at the resort.