Enjoy Your Stay At MTF & Play Golf at the Local Course

The local golf course comes as a magnificent getaway place where to spend a vacation. Family members or a group of friends will find unlimited fun as they enjoy their stay and play golf. There are several packages designed to offer maximum activities that are good value for one’s money.

The Course Guide

On arrival at the local golf course, you will most definitely note the exemplary service offered by the staff there. They are genuinely warm and welcoming and always refer to a person by their first name. This is evident among all the staff at the golf course from the restaurant attendants, kitchen staff, and the course guides. The undulating well-manicured lawns lined with a variety of colored flowers and plants provide beautiful scenery. It overlooks the green forested hills and the clear river that snakes it way along the course.

Enjoy Your Stay At MTF & Play Golf at the Local Course

The Accommodations

You need not worry about the accommodation since there are plenty of stand-alone hospitality suites allowing maximum privacy. The rooms are spacious and well furnished to offer the comfort of a home away from home. They have all necessary amenities for all ages thus a family composition will have a smooth stay. Food ranges from the local dishes to the exotic recipes that result to mouth-watering meals every time. Laundry services and storage for valuables is freely provided.

Local Course Is More Enjoyable, Why?

Every morning, as one embarks for the days golfing, one receives a complementary range of balls to hit on the range and golf hitting nets before one starts each round. Remember to carry your own rangefinder since you might not like the few that are provided to those without their own. You may not like it either since you will need to get used to them to make accurate golf shots. You will not golf alone since the local golf course is popular. A little competition organized brings about the best in the individual. Participation in such competition helps one to push themselves a little harder making the stay and play at the local course more enjoyable.

Enjoy Your Stay At MTF & Play Golf at the Local Course

The local course is surrounded by many another site of interest which includes museums, zoos, sports centers, diving facilities and shopping malls. One should consider taking a break to explore what the area has to offer. This may also serve as the best way of utilizing a day off from golfing. You may enjoy boat riding, diving activities or ride a hot air balloon. Other areas that golfer must avoid is the local casino since one impulse gambling decision can easily ruin your vacation. If you opt for a drinking spree with your buddies, keep it cool since fights and brawls can lead to one being picked by the police. A shopping spree sounds as the safest bet so far.

Other Courts

There are other amenities at the local golf course that includes the swimming pool, tennis court, fitness center and also merry go rounds and swings. Those who are in the stay and play group packages are luck since they can easily form teams to utilize these other facilities. One may play lawn tennis for a while before performing some more work-out in the fitness center. You need not carry the rangefinder all over the place. There is safe keeping option at the golf course.