What Are The Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Women?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that results from the inflammation of the plantar fascia which is a tenacious tissue that runs along the length of the sole from the heel to the toes. It frequently plagues runners due to the heavy landing that puts extra demands for support. This condition is always made worse by using the wrong running shoes. It easily occurs in the individuals that have flat feet, those who have high arches and the over–pronators.

Best Shoes Should Included Following Features;

The best running shoes for women are manufactured with specific features to prevent or assist in recovery from the condition. They have a high support for the heel (see more about that here). A well-supported heel is firm and relays pressure to the sole of the shoe. They have a wider base for stability which ensures that the arch is well supported preventing collapse. These shoes have strong soles and pads that act as shock absorbers while running. This helps to lessen the impact on the heel and fascia thus reducing injury.

diver Plantar fasciitis shoes

The best running shoes have little or no drop between the heel and the toes for midsole support. This is designed for excellent support and stability allowing a smooth transition of pressure to the ground. The material used to make these shoes must be tough and strong and at the same time it needs to be light and firm. This helps to achieve comfort, durability, flexibility and shock absorbency. Orthotics inserts in the shoes are used in the cases where plantar fasciitis results from flat feet. These special inner soles insertions provide the shape and necessary cushion effect from the impact of running.

Best Shoes for Breathing and Toes Maneuvers

The best running shoes for women are light and have a roomy shoebox area. This allows breathing and toes maneuvers. Juggling between a light weight and firmness and durability is a thin balancing act that calls for light but tough materials. Most women prefer lighter running shoes. The quality cannot be compromised hence all efforts are put to ensure flexibility and strength as well. These shoes have a crash pad that utilizes wave plate technology to ensure firmness and durability. It helps to cushion from impact by absorbing the associated shock.
diver Plantar fasciitis

Since the causes of plantar fasciitis are diverse, there is no one shoe treat all causes. There is the best shoe running shoe for each cause of the condition. It will, therefore, be necessary to talk to your doctor for treatment and advise on which type of shoe will bring the desired results. Such a shoe must be comfortable and able to control feet motion. It must also support the arch as it provides cushioning.

What Do Doctors Say?

Doctors always advise the affected person to be in shoes throughout unless when sleeping or o taking a shower. It will be advisable to have complementary shoes at home and orthotic heel sandals to change into after removing running shoes. Some women have a tendency to always remove the stiff insoles, but this should always discourage since it can reverse the benefits gained by use of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis for women.